Hi Mary, Martha, and Manuel, My kids are now at the age where they can interact with grown-ups and other kids alike. They now also have ways of expressing their emotions to other people including whenever they are upset about something. At the ages of 1 and 3, how do I slowly introduce discipline to […]

How do I tell her no? Never?

Dear M,M&M, My husband’s mother has asked us if she can move in with us. We are a couple with two children. The children love and adore their grandma, I find her impossible quite frankly I would rather bury myself in the local sand pit for the rest of my life than live with her. […]

I met someone and had a brief encounter

Dear M,M&M, I have been dating my current boyfriend for two years, he is a lovely guy a bit boring, but stable. He is also financially sound. About two months ago I went out with some old friends and had too much to drink. I met someone and had a brief encounter. My period was […]