Dear M,M&M,

My boyfriend has cheated on me twice (that I know of), He was really sorry on both occasions and asked me to forgive him which I did. He has now asked me to marry him to show his commitment (two weeks after the last betrayal). I love him however I am not sure if I should marry him. Do you think I should marry him?

by Sarah


Thank you for your letter. You must be a lovely lady to forgive your boyfriend twice. Two weeks after his latest betrayal seems too soon to be proposed to. Him using marriage to prove commitment does not seem like the start of a blissful marriage. Marriage does truly show commitment; however, it should not be used to prove commitment. I think to some extent you know this that is why you’re unsure if you should marry him. I know you still love him, and I admire that, so why not tell him that you are not saying no but rather wait, you need more time to heal and repair the damage that the betrayal has caused he should understand this. If you are serious about this gentleman, you should give the relationship time to grow from strength to strength and if he continues to be faithful then maybe you guys can revisit marriage later. Marriage at the best of times can be difficult, therefore, to build upon a marriage that does not have a firm foundation will later down the line bring devastation. I wish you all the best Sarah, let us know how you get on.