My best friend while drunk told me her stepdad does things to her in the night, he has been doing it since she was year 6, now we are in year 10. What should I do? She made me swear not to tell anyone.

A Best Friend

Dear Best friend,

Thank you for being brave enough to send in this letter. What a horrible situation for you to be in, and even worst for your best friend. Although your best friend told you not to tell anyone I know deep down you know you must, not because you want to betray her, but you want to help her, and stop it happening, and the only way that is accomplished is to tell someone. You must tell an adult you trust one that you both trust. You also must be brave and tell her that you are going to tell someone and that she should come with you, she may hate you for a while, or even feel relived. She told you because she trusts you and knows you care for her, keep reminding her that you care for her and want the ordeal she is going through to end that is why you are going to tell someone. If you cannot find an adult, you both can trust there is childline (08001111) and NSPCC.