Dear M,M&M,

I have been dating my current boyfriend for two years, he is a lovely guy a bit boring, but stable. He is also financially sound. About two months ago I went out with some old friends and had too much to drink. I met someone and had a brief encounter. My period was late, so I took a pregnancy test which was positive. I am one hundred percent certain the baby is not my boyfriend’s baby. Should I carry on as normal and just say the child is his? I cannot even remember the man at the club.

by Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your letter. We all do things we regret; we look back and think why? However, you do not want to turn one regret into two regrets. Your boyfriend deserves to know the truth especially since there is a baby involved. So many of our lives are based on lies which breaks down the beauty and stability of families and communities. Your boyfriend may decide to father this child since the real father is unknown or he may pack his bags never to be seen again, however the choice is his own to make. With every action there is a consequence, you may just need to face yours, it may not be as shattering as you think.