Dear M,M&M,

My husband’s mother has asked us if she can move in with us. We are a couple with two children. The children love and adore their grandma, I find her impossible quite frankly I would rather bury myself in the local sand pit for the rest of my life than live with her. My husband feels obliged because she is a widow. He has left the decision up to me. How do I tell her no? Never?

by Anonymous

Dear anonymous,

How you made me chuckle with the no, never! I guess this is why some are known as mother out-laws! It is a big matter for someone to move into your house indefinitely, not to talk of your mother-in-law. If you’re not happy to have her live with you, then she will know, and it could give rise to a tense atmosphere within your home (which would be unhealthy for everyone). I do feel you have chosen the short straw I think your husband should be telling her and not you. It might be worth telling her that you feel living together will put added tension on your fragile relationship. Maybe you can tell her you would like to build your relationship, and maybe revisit the moving in later in the future.